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Fellow Blue Knights please forward this to all chapters and members:

We in the SRC have created an SRC disaster relief fund for assistance to our members after a devastating disaster such as hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. As we have seen hurricane Harvey has hit 10 members hard in Houston and a local Texas chapter is handling the donations for those members.

We were lucky with hurricane Irma in Florida with no major devastation reported from any of our members.

Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. PR I newly formed this past year, the only chapter on the Island, and from last report no one except the President Alfredo Delgado has sustained devastating losses. Some have damage but no total losses of homes. Alfredo has lost his entire home, though he has insurance on the structure and reports he should have a rebuild covered, but all the personal property and furnishings will not be replaced.

As well we have many LEO’s that may need assistance. The SRC will take any contributions and get them to the island to the Chapter for them to use to assist the members and any LEO affected families that they can.

The SRC Treasurer will be receiving checks at his home address and they will go into the savings account we have opened for this call out.

Donations can go to: Al Fryer SRC Treasurer 6320 Clegg Road Pensacola FL 32536

We thank you all for your assistance and will report when we send the funds.

Rory Mac Connell Chairman, SRC Blue Knights International LEMC “Ride With Pride”

Greetings fellow Blue Knights,

On August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas making landfall near Corpus Christi causing destruction from wind there. The Houston/Beaumont area received well over 40 inches of rain, and 4-6 foot tidal surge causing massive flooding. Many Blue Knights in Texas have been affected by this and out of pocket expenses will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some have lost their homes. In order to help them, I have asked Texas VII and they've readily agreed to accepting donations to help our members in a time of need. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Ride with pride and thank you for your support, D.j. Alvarez International President

"Blue Knights Intl. Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund" Make checks payable to: Blue Knights Texas VII Chapter P. O. Box 2846 Houston, Texas 77252 (In the memo section write Harvey Relief Fund)

Presidents Message - August/2017

Greetings Blue Knights,

Jeanne and I are back from the 2017 International convention, safe and sound, and more important dry. There were some tremendous storms that passed through, but all at night. Overall, Milwaukee was a wonderful city with lots to do and see, and Wisconsin Vl did a magnificent job of hosting. The hospitality room was open till the last cop dropped, or the hotel staff showed up to prepare for breakfast.

The day at the Harley Davidson museum was worth the trip alone. The Monday meetings were very trying. The board of Governors went fairly quick and smoothly. The highlights were that the presidents voted to have the 2019 International convention in West Chester NY. hosted by NY ll. More info will be available in the future.

The presidents also voted to increase the amount available to a member injured going to, at, or coming home from a advertised Blue Knight function to $1,500.00, a $500.00 increase from the previous allowance. The other two motions regarding the Special Fund and who was covered beyond actual members were tabled due to conflicting wording, and different amounts of money other than what had just been approved in the first motion. They most likely be revisited next year at the President's meeting in Georgia.

The General membership meeting on the other hand was a nightmare again. Another 5 hour meeting where patience got short, and tempers got hot. The meeting went along very well till near the end when a group of "concerned" members brought up a special emergency motion to dis-allow the results of the recent election due to irregularities in the ballots being sent out in error to some chapters, not at all to some chapters, and in duplicate to other chapters. This included the re-issued ballots. A motion was made to have yet another election, at a cost to the organization of up to $35,000.00. That went over like a fart in church. While that motion did pass by a narrow margin, at the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, the Board in a split vote ruled against that motion. The number of possible questionable ballots was around 435.

The Board voted to install the officers who won by a margin so significant that the result would be unaffected by the number of questionable ballots. The Board also ordered the accounting firm to recount the ballots for the position of Vice President, and President. The recount of the ballots for the position of President was for transparency only, as D.J Alvarez had a commanding lead, and most likely will be installed as President via conference call once the re-count results are known.

The position of Vice President was the closet in Blue Knight history, with just 10 votes separating two of the canidates. I do not expect a recount to solve this issue, and there has been no information released as to how this will be resolved. When I mailed the envelope containing PA Vll's ballots, it contained just 17 ballots out of a possible 100. Now do you think your ballot might have made a difference?

At the convention banquet John Bull was installed as the new treasurer, and Jim Borza was installed as the new secretary. When I hear any new information regarding the elections, I'll send it out. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the $5.00 dues increase passed last year, but efforts to overturn it failed by a very close vote.

There were a number of changes made to the by-laws in the area of defining membership. Most were clarifications to previously ambiguous wording. I will have all of those at the meeting this Thursday.

Meeting reminder-The next meeting will be this Thursday, 07-27-2017 at the Coraopolis VFW, Directors at 6:30, general membership at 7:30. Hope to see you all there.

The new Badge key fobs are in, and selling briskly. There is only one silver one left, and about 20 gold ones remaining. If you want one you need to show up. We probably won't reorder these anytime soon. When they are gone, that's it.

The new PA Vll long sleeve T-shirts are selling quickly also, and some sizes are getting scarce. Fall is fast approaching, and these shirts look very good. Don't miss out. Both items are a bargain at only $20.00.


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